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Tim Schroeder, Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) is involved in a variety of professional and personal activities. He feels that living a balanced life enables you to reach your greatest potential in both professional and personal development. Dr. Schroeder practices what he preaches as a health and wellness performance coach and has owned and operated a successful chiropractic clinic for over 29 years in Tahoe City, California. He is certified by Target Training International as a Professional Behavioral Analyst and has extensive training in the analysis of Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values. As one of only five Level 6 Master Instructors in the World Ki Gong Club, he appears on a domestic and international level to teach and share his knowledge of this important health tradition. In addition he maintains a passion as a fifth degree Black Belt and certified Master Instructor in the art of Tang Soo Do Karate. He uses insights gained from his years as a healthcare provider and martial artist to help you make changes now for health in your future.

Dr. Tim Schroeder will be leading a workshop on Stress Realization and Resolution at Wellness Weekend, November 9-11, 2018. See the full schedule here. 

Lake Tahoe Wellness WeekendFor any individual the process of being born into this world is dynamic and vivid. At the moment of birth there is instantaneous awareness of something new. From that time on, each and every moment is filled with discovery. At birth the mind is active and the spirit is pure. The body continues to grow using a very specific set of biologic instructions and demands. The mind continues to develop its individual perceptions based on its own experiences. The spirit is cultivated by an interaction between the body and the mind. Body, mind and spirit are perfectly blended at the moment of birth.

A child who is new to this world is innocent and protected. The newborn is also extremely aware of its external environment. With proper nurturing the child grows and begins to see the world in his or her own unique way. An optimum goal for every person is to continue, for a lifetime, to live with a complete fusion of mind, body and spirit. It is when the balance of body, mind and spirit is upset that your pure life experience is disturbed.

A newborn child has this balance but often loses it as he or she goes through life. Due to physical, chemical or emotional stresses, the goal to balance mind, body and spirit tend to be ignored. Unfortunately, adult human beings seem to forget the joyful experience that a newborn has. The newborn’s experience is a quiet awareness of pure, unencumbered living.

Society has necessarily created an environment that leads us away from quiet awareness. As an adult we can’t sit idly by and expect our needs to be met. We must be bright, creative thinkers who interact with our environment in order to have a complete life experience. But we should not allow ourselves to forget the innocence that we had when we were first born.

To be complete we should strive for the enlightened experience of the newborn each and every moment of our life. This will give us the opportunity to step back from the chaos of life to see everything new. A fresh vision will lead us back to quiet awareness amid the harsh requirements of survival in an unnatural, technology driven world. Quiet awareness creates a mind that is active and relaxed. Just like a newborn, quiet awareness lets a body be at peak performance balanced with the potential to recreate itself with perfection. Quiet awareness allows the spirit to shine unimpeded with unlimited potential for pure love.

So how do we get back to the quiet awareness of a newborn? Look at each moment of your life as new. Although there are moments of time that appear to be mundane, realize that each moment is always a totally new experience. See each new moment as fresh and interesting because each instant you live is truly as new as it is for a newborn. Past experience is good because it allows us to make guided decisions about our future. But any new experience is a different state of mind. Realize that every moment is a new experience.

You have a responsibility to yourself and your family to be creative and productive. When you live with discovery and curiosity you will naturally become more productive. Your mind will be cleaner and clearer. Your body will rejuvenate and express its innate potential to heal. Your spirit will enjoy the journey. Be new now!

Dr. Tim Schroeder will be leading a Qi Gong workshop and speaking about Stress Realization and Resolution at Wellness Weekend, November 9-11, 2018. See the full schedule and book the full weekend (or just a class!) here.

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