Granlibakken Tahoe is proud to announce that Dr. Mike Dow, bestselling author and psychotherapist, will be headlining this year’s Wellness Weekend with his seminar titled “Heal Your Drained Brain.”

Dr. Mike Dow’s wellness journey began at 10 years old when his younger brother, David, experienced a massive stroke. Witnessing his brother’s treatments throughout his teen years helped Dr. Dow to realize his calling to help others on their own journey to physical and mental well-being. Dr. Dow has since become well-known and respected in the psychotherapy field. He has authored numerous books about mental health; he has hosted radio programs, and has appeared on many TV programs, including Dr. Oz and The Doctors.

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Dr. Mike is not only known for his warmth and candor, he also presents science-based solutions and programs to help individuals improve their health and happiness. “I am thrilled to be participating in Granlibakken’s Wellness Weekend,” says Dr. Dow. “I believe evidence-based practices–including meditation, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, whole-food-centric nutrition, and sustainable livings are incredible mind-body medicine.  By educating ourselves in these practices, we can model them for others.  And in doing so, we can create a world where wellness — not chronic disease – becomes the norm.” Dr. Mike will discuss his holistic approach to mental and physical health.  More importantly, he will lead attendees through practices that will serve as the mind-body medicine in their own cells. In our everyday lives, we often consider our physical health, our work performance, and the well-being of our friends. Rarely do we consider the impact that our lifestyles—as busy and overstimulated as they are—are having on our brain health. Dr. Dow presents manageable and concise

steps that individuals can take for better brain health and greater physical and mental longevity.

Dr. Mike Dow at Lake Tahoe Wellness Weekend

Wellness Weekend is a unique event that will feature three days of workshops, seminars, and classes that combine a unique fusion of Eastern and Western medicine, philosophy, and practice. The weekend includes two tracks of workshops—movement and lecture-based. The schedule has just been released, and features topics ranging from CBD oils to Tai Chi. These classes and lectures are suitable for people of all abilities and experiences, and offer unique perspectives and insights into health and well-being.

The early-bird rate for the three days of events is $260, which includes daily meals, as well as all workshops and socials. Rates go up to $276 for the weekend on September 1. Lodging is available onsite at discounted rates.

Granlibakken, a premier venue for health and wellness events, offers an exceptional setting for this inspirational retreat. Reservations for Wellness Weekend, to be held November 9-11, 2018, can be made online here.