Denay Joy Woodman has danced throughout her life in a joyful somatic exploration of many different movement forms including fusion partner dance, yoga, massage, belly dance, blues, swing, salsa, African, jazz, modern, pilates, kickboxing, tango, ballet, theatre, tai chi, cocrea and more! Music and movement course through her blood, heart, and soul, continuing to offer their magic anew.

Denay discovered Nia Technique in 2008 and dove into her Nia trainings,  attaining a white belt in 2010 and blue belt in 2014. These have melded into a clear and deep passion for guiding people back into the joy and pleasure of their body, mind, emotion and spirits.

What is Nia? Done barefoot to diverse and inspiring music, Nia is a transformational movement practice that offers remembrance of how to be joyful, alive and expressive in your unique body. Nia is holistic, engaging all the realms of experience. Drawing from the dance arts, martial arts and the healing arts, Nia creates purposeful movement. This intentional movement helps you grow and embody your full potential. It is a solo and community practice which calms the mind to relieve stress, increases grace, flexibility, and endurance. It also builds reservoirs of Chi, strengthens muscles, balance and agility and increases the pleasure of living and dancing in your body.

Denay currently lives, loves and plays in Nevada County with her Partner Martin and her 5 year old, Finnbud, sharing offerings of Nia, fusion partner dance, and Women's Butterfly Gatherings. She is also a new co-owner of Core Movement Center in Nevada City,Ca.

Denay will be leading a Nia class at RAY 2017. This is a great opportunity to explore this movement, become more flexible, and have some fun.  Unfold, awaken, and play during Denay's class, and discover something new about yourself.

Come dance the change you want to see in the world!

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