Written by Rolf Gordon

Rolf Godon Ph.D. has been a student and instructor of Ki Gong for some 15 years. He is a psychotherapist by training with a lifelong interest in inner (spiritual) development. Ki Gong has provided a wonderful fit for these interests. Learning to enhance, access and direct inner energy has made a profound and positive difference in his life as a professional, an athlete and a human being. Additionally, the group energy in a Ki Gong class empowers personal energy; hence his passion for teaching this form. He likes to call Ki Gong his inner exercise, a moving meditation a focus on the inner smile and laughter. Overall it has been a huge asset in his own life journey.


Ki GongWhat is Ki Gong?

Ki Gong came into existence in China more than 4,000 years ago. It was practiced in the villages
as preventative medicine. A spiritual form was practiced in the monasteries and remained secret until
more recent times. There was also martial arts form. The body was seen as an energy system. Illness
came from blockages in the flow of energy. Series of movements coordinated with deep meditative
breathing were developed to open up blockages and balance energies and enhance Qi (Ki) function.
The mind directs the energy from a space of intentionality. As body/mind become balanced spirit is



There is a growing body of western research as to the efficacy of Ki gong. There is evidence
that the practice strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, increases bone
health/density, improves balance and reduces falling, helps sleep, reduces anxiety, depression and
overall enhances mood. And, practitioners report an overall improvement in their perceived quality of

The Practice

In general the movement sequences are gentle in nature and can be undertaken by people
regardless of their physical state. It is usually done standing and is also frequently done from a sitting
position. While some movement sequences are more rapid in nature; usually the ones designed to
warm up and stimulate Ki movement; most are accomplished using slow movement coordinated with
very deep breathing. There are sequences incorporating healing sounds. The practice is always
accompanied by the smile which is incredibly empowering. The mere act of smiling immediately
raises and lightens one's energy and creates an openness and relatedness. Participants report an overall
sense of energized easefullness at the end of a class. They also report an easing of physical issues and
increased range of motion.

Practice Ki Gong with Rolf:Ki Gong

Rolf Godon teaches two classes per week. One class meets each Tuesday from 9am to
10:15am. During the summer this class meets in Truckee at the Regional Park BBQ riverfront area. In
the winter this class meets at the Recreation Center. The second class meets each Thursday from 10am
to 11am at the Truckee Senior Services dining room. Drop ins are very welcome. For information; call
or text Rolf at 530-587-2557 or email at [email protected]

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