Think of us as Greenlibakken

Working with our neighbors and visitors, we hope to preserve Granlibakken's and Lake Tahoe's natural environment. Our goals include:

  • Improving, restoring and managing our natural habitat
  • Conserving water and energy
  • Reducing our waste stream
  • Promoting awareness and greener lifestyles among guests and employees

Check out our Green Purchasing Policy to learn more about our commitment to protecting the environment.

Environmental Awards & Recognition

Sierra Business Council - Green Business Certification

sierra biz council

Granlibakken is proud to be the 1st business certified in Tahoe as Green by the Sierra Business Council in September of 2019. We are committed to making our resort and the greater Tahoe Basin leaders in environmental policy by setting the example with our green purchasing policy, responsible forest management & by looking for ways everyday not only to only meet, but exceed all current environment laws & regulations.

We have eliminated single use plastic products as much as possible and are proud to lead the hospitality & travel industry in Tahoe.

We live here and want to be able to share this beautiful place we call home with future generations.

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Granlibakken First Business in Tahoe Certified Green by Sierra Business Council


US department of energy

US Department of Energy
Placer County was recently recognized by the Department of Energy as a leader in energy efficiency, and Granlibakken was named as the showcase project for their efforts. We couldn’t be more proud that our hard work implementing energy efficiency measures has been recognized.

"All over the United States, cities and counties like Placer County are overcoming unique energy efficiency challenges by deploying comprehensive and flexible solutions," said Maria Vargas, director of the Better Buildings Challenge. "Placer County's Granlibakken Tahoe is a great example of energy efficiency at work in our nation's buildings: innovative financing, public-private partnerships and hightech solutions." read more


Cool California Small Business Award Winner

Granlibakken Tahoe was one of 19 businesses selected for the Cool California Small Business Award. Granlibakken was recognized for its efforts in environmental sustainability, specifically, its partnership with mPower and Placer County to make efficiency upgrades to kitchen appliances and the heating system in the conference center. Read more about the award here.


Placer County's Best in the Basin

Granlibakken Tahoe was awarded for its efforts in becoming a more green hotel in conjunction with the Sierra Business Council, Placer County, and the Department of Energy’s mPOWER project to upgrade outdated appliances and systems with new, energy-efficient equipment. Read more about this award here.

Tahoe-Truckee Sierra Disposal's Composting Program

Granlibakken Tahoe is proud to be a member of Tahoe-Truckee Sierra Disposal's yellow-bag composting program. This pilot program is being tested for effectiveness in the region, and will reduce the amount of biodegradable waste that ends up in landfills. Granlibakken has committed to composting all organic food waste from the kitchen and conference center through this program.


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Granlibakken is uniquely located, surrounded by the Tahoe National Forest. Local, state and federal agencies work with us to restore the natural balance, improve the habitat for forest wildlife and promote fire safety with defensible space.

Replacing outdated lighting and appliances with more energy-efficient systems is key to energy conservation. Granlibakken relies on the experts for recommendations. In 2015, working with Placer County Tax Collector and the mPower Program to invest County Tax revenues to meet County Energy Reduction Goals, Granlibakken completed a pilot program with the County to encourage retrofitting of older buildings to achieve significant energy use reductions. This included the replacement of all commercial refrigeration, all conference center boilers and all conference center air condition equipment with the latest in energy efficient equipment.

Recycling reduces Granlibakken's environmental impact. Granlibakken recycles batteries, ink cartridges, light bulbs and road sand. Additionally, Placer County, where Granlibakken is located, uses a one-bin system, where all recyclables, biodegradable materials, and hazardous waste are separated at the facility. The one-bin system has increased the number of recyclables diverted from the waste stream by about 20% since 2007. Watch this video to learn more about the one-bin system. 

Shared transportation also reduces our carbon footprint. Granlibakken partners with the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association and Placer County Public Transportation (TART) to provide shuttles to Tahoe City,Emerald Bay and ski areas. We also encourage carpooling, using winter ski area shuttles, and taking not-so-mass transit around the Tahoe Basin and to Reno.

  • Tahoe Area Regional Transit
    Bus service along 30 miles of Lake Tahoe shoreline, including Tahoma, Homewood, Tahoe City, Kings Beach and Incline Village.

For environmental inspiration, the Barker Pass to Tahoe City segment of the volunteer-maintained, multi-use Tahoe Rim Trail borders Granlibakken.

  • Tahoe Rim Trail
    Promoting healthy, environmentally responsible outdoor recreation and providing access to the beauty of the Lake Tahoe region.

During the holiday season, our local Boy Scout Troop can cut and deliver a white fir Christmas tree to your condo (for a fee). These efforts contribute to the forestry clearing and health (fire safety) at Tahoe as well as to our local Boy Scouts.

Granlibakken is an accepted business member of the Keep the Sierra Green program.