Don’t have time for a long yoga practice? Take just 2 minutes today to reset your body and mind through a flow focused on breathwork and posture. Your body will thank you, and your mind will feel refreshed and refocused.

This video is courtesy of Kate Leist, who will be teaching Sacred & Soulful: A Kundalini Journey to Self-Love & Empowerment at the third annual Restorative Arts & Yoga Festival.

Kate Leist is a yoga teacher, breath-work guru, beagle-lover and passionate founder of Soulrise Movement; ‘Sacred & Simple Tools for Busy Lives’. Kate loves variety and she expresses that love for variety in her classes through mixing Kundalini, Breath-work, Yin, Flow, Meditation & Dance. She will awaken your playful side, challenge you on a soul-level, and ignite your inner fire while also making you feel safe, nurtured, calm, and at home with yourself. Kate is passionate about simple practices for effective transformation that help guide us back to our truest selves so that we can show up in our lives more fully. The slogan for Soulrise Movement is “Own your shit, live your truth.”…asking us to look at ourselves and our lives honestly and take ownership, be vulnerable, and rise above our own perceived fears, doubts, and shadows. “We all have stuff. We are all healing. We are all trying to fit into some unrealistic mold of who we should be and how we fit in. It’s time we unravel from all the untruths we’ve been taught to get back to our own truth. It’s time to stop playing small and start being real. It starts with taking more time for yourself to breathe deeper, move slower, and listen to your inner wisdom.” Join Kate’s class on Saturday 1-2:30 Sacred & Soulful: A Kundalini Journey of Self-Love & Empowerment. Website: IG: @soulrisemovement