Lake Tahoe, oh Tahoe, how we love thee. Your beauty and majesty, beyond compare. All seasons you beckon, “Come, find rest.” 

I’ll pause my spontaneous poetry to get to the point.

This legendary lake is just shy of 4 hours from Silicon Valley, so when you go you need somewhere to stay. Today’s article is about my favorite place to stay in all of Tahoe. It’s called Granlibakken. (Write that down.)

Here are 5 reasons why it’s at the top of my list:

The History.

Granlibakken is the first Tahoe ski resort! That’s right, quite the claim to fame. It was founded in 1947 by a Norwegian named Kjell “Rusty” Rustad. Granlibakken means, “hill sheltered by fir trees.” Rusty was an accomplished skier and sailor. He built the ski hut in 1947 out of logs he harvested from the ski slopes (see photo at the end of this article). There are framed pictures of old Tahoe life throughout the resort. I love to stop in the halls and read the story they tell. Many a native Tahoean learned to ski at Granlibakken, my step mom and her siblings included.

The Breakfast.

Your stay includes a complimentary breakfast feast every morning. This isn’t some “continental breakfast” with nary a gram of protein in sight. The options are hearty, healthy, delicious, and seemingly endless. The hours are also generous: during my recent stay, breakfast was open for a 3-hour window, from 7-10 am. The breakfast is so filling we needed only a snack for lunch. (Breakfast may not be included with every package).

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