At Granlibakken Tahoe


This yoga class is open to all ability levels and is not included for lodging guests, additional fees apply.

Class Description:

Our true essence is among the trees, the breeze and the natural world. Join Yoga Room teacher Ellie Perry for this all levels flow and dynamic movement yoga class. Ellie will guide you into the breath and with the breath into intentional movements.

Mats, blocks, and blankets are provided.

Please pre-register for this class to your best ability.

Granlibakken guests, locals and students of the Yoga Room are all welcome to sign up and attend!

About Ellie:

I began my yogic journey in my late teens. At first, I was drawn to the practice for its physical benefits since I had always played sports, but was soon rewarded with the mental and emotional effects that yoga can have on one's life. I suffered from anxiety paired with sleeping problems and found yoga to be an amazing alternative medicine. Since, I have received my 200hr YTT in Bali, Indonesia in order to share such a beautiful gift with any and all who are curious.

I strive to provide students with classes that are accessible for all levels, while presenting a challenge for each individual. I feel that yoga should be a playful activity that also encourages each of us to grow, both mentally and physically, from the experience. I seek to provide a space in which students can gain awareness as well as insight to the workings of their bodies and minds. No matter the skill level or amount of practice one has, I encourage everyone to come play on the mat with me! I am excited to become part of such an awesome community of yogis and look forward to meeting you!

*Some Saturdays are excluded. Please call 530-583-4242 or click here for information.

Yoga Retreats

The Sierra Soul Series of Wellness Events features retreats designed for all ability levels. These annual retreats are designed for people of all abilities, and offer an unforgettable experience furthering your practice while taking in Granlibakken's naturally inspiring surroundings. Check out our wellness packages for dates of our annual yoga retreats.

The Soul Shelter: A Meditation and Yoga Space

Granlibakken has renovated the Courtview room in the heart of its property to become the new Soul Shelter, a yoga and meditation space. This space boasts an abundance of natural light, wood floors, and neutral tones to help you feel at peace. Mats and blankets are available to borrow. This room is open to all guests, and can also be reserved for private sessions for groups. Rejuvenate, unwind, and relax on your next getaway.


Yoga and Meditation Space

About Yoga

Yoga is a mindful exploration of one's space, internal and external. It is a practice that is deeply personal and one that opens itself infinitely, both constant and evolving in its nature. To yoke, or to yuj, completely with all that surrounds and all that fills the individual, yoga is a uniting of the self with all else, but it is not a religion nor need it be focused in its spiritual disciplines.

Yoga asana and vinyasa, the flowing movement of one posture to the next that is so popular today, is only one branch of the eight limbs of yoga. To tap into the full benefits of yoga, one also practices breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation and sense withdrawal. The yamas and niyamas are ten codes of behavior which ask the individual to honestly examine her mind and actions so that she may move in the world with grace and consideration for the good of all that inhabit the Earth.

Benefits of yoga include greater mental clarity, flexibility in both body and mind, a calmer and steadier heart, healthier functioning systems (i.e. digestive, cardiovascular, emotional), pain relief, a lighter spirit, longer and leaner muscles, more open joints, increased range of motion, and so much more.