Unhustle® Retreat Burnout to Peace Out In partnership with our astrology friends, Sandy and Alex from Intention Beads.

Located at Granlibakken Tahoe on Sept 19th - 22nd

unhustle burnout peaceout granlibakken

Focused on people who need to take time to learn astrology, unhustle, connect with what's important, recharge, and experience life in the moment while taking time for themselves. Get out of your to do list and into your being and higher self.

Welcome in the Autumn Equinox together as we unplug, unwind, and unhustle. Learn the basics of Astrology in a personalized, easy to understand way. Become more familiar with your own astrological chart with an emphasis on Mercury- our communication methods. Learn to live life Unhustled, starting with your morning.

By the end of the retreat, you will have the tools and techniques to continue your wellbeing journey and live with more clarity, joy, freedom, energy, and intention every day. Take home an easy set of mindful movement techniques, meditation and breathing practices for centering, reducing stress, increasing your energy levels and healing your mind and body. Learn to appreciate the healing powers of Nature and cold therapy. Get familiar with biohacking and digital wellbeing.

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Meet The Instructors

Milena Regos

Milena is the co-founder of Unhustle®, a Certified Human Potential Coach and Bulletproof Biohacker. An award-winning digital marketer and entrepreneur, she understands entrepreneur's challenges first hand. She loves to spend time with her husband and her dog Taz, unhustling. She has thousands of hours doing yoga, QiGong, mindfulness under the instruction of Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, and Erin Woo, cold therapy with Wim Hof, meditation with Light Watkins, and biohacking with Dave Asprey.

sandy unhustle

Sandy Rueve

A Spirited Creator. Having studied astrology for nearly two decades and widely known as the Optimistic Astrologer, Sandy Rueve hand creates clay beads with precise astrological timing to take on the energies available. Sandy blends art, astrology, and alchemy to help her clients reach their desires thru mindfulness and talismans.

Alexandra Rueve

A Calming Force. At a very young age, Alex began teaching meditation and mindfulness with noteworthy Gurus like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Wright Institute, and, of course, her mother & business partner, Sandy Rueve. Alex has facilitated retreats around the world dedicated to helping bring light, calmness, and clarity to those who are in search.