Hello Granlibakken Family –

Today, we wanted to give you an update about how Granlibakken and the local Tahoe community has been severely affected financially by the COVID-19 virus.

On February 29th, Granlibakken Management Company had forecasted a strong year and was financially positioned to meet all fiscal obligations. Unfortunately, starting on February 27, we started receiving cancellations from booked groups and from individual travelers.  Revenues for most of March, April and into June are now zero, down from a forecasted almost $2,000,000.

We have reduced our workforce by about 95% and are managing down all our expenses. We have met all our financial obligations to date; nonetheless, we expect to run out of cash on the 5th of April.  Based on the current situation, our analysis suggests that GMC business will not return to any reasonably predictable level of income for 400 days.

Granlibakken is a family-owned & operated independent resort and association management business that has always been a strong supporter of the local community and local economy.  The unprecedented scope and impact of the health crisis exceeds Granlibakken’s, a small business, financial crises management resources. We may be the biggest small business in our area; the real possibility of all us small businesses failing in the next weeks are frightening.

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Do Not Visit Tahoe/Truckee

This interview was given a week ago and now we must be focused on the small business community

Co-owner (of Granlibakken) Ron Parson is focused on the coronavirus’s effects on the local economy. “What we really should be talking about,” he said, “is how can we minimize the risk globally and nationally and still allow people to function.”

Parson is not a COVID-19 denier, by the way. He wanted to make it clear that he 100% believes the coronavirus is “a major global and national strategic issue.” His argument is that Tahoe needs to adapt logically; the region needs to be thinking beyond the cliff, beyond the minute-by-minute updates. He compared the current potential outfall to the 2008 recession, during which the economy was falling apart.

“[Last] weekend we lost somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 jobs at Lake Tahoe,” Parson said. “If you take our demographic base, that’s pretty much everybody in the industry; restaurants, ski areas, lodging, retail, everybody’s lost their job. Nationally, a lot of people can shift to a home job. But that’s not the case up here. Up here, almost everybody is tied to the tourism business.”


Granlibakken is supporting the employees recently laid off by providing food and supplies and will also be providing assistance to anyone in the local community who needs help filing an unemployment claim by calling our front desk to schedule a time to use the business center in our hotel.

Today, we are asking our loyal guests, friends and family for your help by funding our future hotel operations so we can continue providing services to our J1s & H-2Bs who are unable to travel home, our employees who live on campus, our homeowners and any members of the local community who seek shelter.

Visit our new online store Granlibakken.com/merchandise where anyone can purchase a digital gift certificate and a variety of Granlibakken merchandise that will fund our current hotel operations. We also encourage our loyal guests to book a trip through our website today with future travel dates and we will adjust the dates without any restrictions once we know when we are able to welcome guests back to enjoy Granlibakken and Tahoe again.

Use code MAR20 for the lowest available rates on Granlibakken.com

We are all in this crisis together and will come through this stronger than ever. We hope this real life update is shared to as many people as possible and we thank you for your support during this difficult time.

Here is a complete list of essential businesses still operating locally created by Tahoe Truckee People. These vital small businesses in Tahoe need your support from home now more than ever.

Granlibakken Tahoe


Wednesday, March 4th – Granlibakken begins to implement precautionary measures for guests and employees and provides daily updates to the change in hotel operations for COVID19.

Friday March 6th – Granlibakken begins to send messaging to guests about preventative measures we have taken for COVID19.

Saturday night, March 14th – Squaw and Northstar announce they are closing due to COVID19

Sunday,  March 15th – North Lake Tahoe Resort Association announces that “all resorts are closed” on social media. Caption was later edited to “most resorts have closed”.

Tuesday, March 17th – NLRTA phone call with Tahoe stakeholders

Thursday, March 19th – Shelter-in-place ordered by Placer County and Gov. Newsome announces California orders only essential travel

Friday, March 20th – Granlibakken announces closure of winter operations

Monday, March 23rd – Do Not Visit to Tahoe/Truckee published in Moonshine Ink