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In 1929, under the supervision of professional ski jumper Lars Haugen, a new ski jump with a trajectory of 260 ft. is constructed at the Tahoe City Winter Sports Grounds. This jump becomes host to a number of ski jumping exhibitions that hundreds would come to spectate.

During a time when most people did not know how to downhill ski, The Tahoe Tavern Winter Sports Grounds hosts a number of exhibitions for the enjoyment of Tahoe Tavern guests. These exhibitions include ski jumping tournaments, dog sled races, and cross-country ski races.

Tahoe Tavern, owned by mining and logging magnate D.L. Bliss,  stays open for the winter season. A toboggan slide, ski jump, and small warming hut are built. During Tahoe Tavern operations, the hill becomes known as the Tahoe Tavern Winter Sports Grounds. Visitors are transported by sleigh to watch ski…