Roger Gabriel

Roger Gabriel at the Satuwa Baba Ashram School in Varanasi, India, which he helps to sponsor.

Granlibakken Tahoe is proud to announce that Roger Gabriel, Master Educator at The Chopra Center, will be headlining this year’s Wellness Weekend with his seminar titled “Release the Karmic Spirit.”

Roger first began his wellness journey in the 1970s, training to be a meditation teacher under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. His extensive training and engaging approach has brought Roger to teach meditation, Ayurveda and yoga in seminars and workshops all over the world.  Roger is closely connected to Deepak Chopra and has assisted Deepak with numerous programs.  He has taught thousands of people around the world the power of self-transformation through meditation. Roger will be lending key insights from his many years of experience to attendees of Wellness Weekend 2017 at Granlibakken Tahoe.

Roger’s speech will offer valuable insight into Karma and its effects on our relationships, goals, and achievements. Karma determines how we are treated in a next existence based on our actions of this existence. Regardless of philosophy and/or faith, Roger’s keynote will offer valuable insights into the different types of Karma and how it impacts life.  He will offer training tools to meditation and how to live a mindful life. Roger’s keynote speech is included for all Wellness Weekend attendees, or the speech and preceding cocktail hour can be purchased à la carte.

Yoga retreat

Begin each day with a sunrise yoga class at Wellness Weekend 2017.

Wellness Weekend is a unique event that will feature two full days of workshops, seminars, and classes that combine a unique fusion of Eastern and Western medicine, philosophy, and practice. Wellness Weekend was formerly Women’s Wellness Weekend, and this year Granlibakken invites both men and women alike, allowing for a broader scope of topics and experiences. Granlibakken has also expanded the schedule, including a plethora of activity and meditation classes, as well as the traditional seminars and workshops that this event is known for.

Wellness Weekend attendees will enjoy Granlibakken’s unparalleled setting as well as a unique event that combines education, yoga, movement and meditation classes, and a vibrant marketplace into two soulful days. Educational seminars will cover a variety of subjects, ranging from GMO foods to mental health. A robust schedule of activity classes are designed to rejuvenate the body and the mind, with daily yoga classes as well as energy-work and meditation.

The weekend fee to attend Wellness Weekend is $132, which includes daily meals, as well as all workshops and socials. Lodging is available at a special weekend package rate of $116 per night for double-occupancy or $179 per night for single-occupancy, not including tax and service charges.

Granlibakken, a premier venue for health and wellness events, offers an exceptional setting for this inspirational retreat. Reservations for Wellness Weekend, to be held November 11 & 12, 2017, can be made online here using Group ID: LTWW17 and Password: LTWW17.

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