Granlibakken Customer Internet Services

Granlibakken Lake Tahoe Conference Center and Lodge, in partnership with Suddenlink Communications, are pleased to offer sophisticated Internet services. Suddenlink provides Internet services at speeds of up to 20Mbps using state-of-the-art fiber optic transmission lines. Granlibakken has recently extended the Suddenlink fiber optic lines to serve all the conference areas and Executive Lodge complex with a fiber optic and CAT 5E/6 distribution system.

Baseline Service and Internet Speed Options

Granlibakken maintains the Suddenlink feed at a baseline 6 Mbps speed (both upload and download). As customers request (with an additional one time charge of $500 per Mbps for the duration of the conference), this speed can be selectively increased to the current maximum speed of 20 Mbps (both upload and download).

Conference Room Internet

All Granlibakken conference rooms have at least one CAT 5E/6 Ethernet connection. Conference room Ethernet connections are charged at $200 per room per day. These connections are linked to the fiber optic system through 1 Gbps switches. Multiple computers in one conference room can be connected using additional available switches or installed wireless access points (WiFi 802.11g/n protocol).

The existing network has many advantages in addition to the selectable Internet access speed. This network allows isolation of any number of the connections to create a Virtual LAN to suit a customer designed private network. This will allow a group to enjoy high-speed internal and external connections, while separating their conference rooms from the rest of the network on property. The virtual network can include any conference rooms and any rooms in our Executive Lodge.

Business Center

Granlibakken provides a broad spectrum of business center services including color and black and white copying and printing and facsimile transmission/reception. A modest business center provides a single computer with printer. Additionally, a kiosk in the conference center allows for Internet access and printing. The business center is currently undergoing upgrades that will include one PC and one Mac, as well as providing color or black and white printing. Additional services are available upon request.

Lodging Room Internet

Granlibakken has two levels of service for in-room Internet: wired and/or wireless.

Executive Lodge

All rooms in the Executive Lodge Complex (101-110) are connected to the Internet through Ethernet and 1 Gbps switches (wired) tied to the fiber optic distribution system. Each room is equipped with a six foot Ethernet cord to connect to individual computers. Additionally, the fiber optic distribution system feeds four WiFi (802.11g and/or n) access points that overlap to provide coverage of the Executive Lodge Complex.

The WiFi network (Granlibakken Wireless) provides access speed of 54 Kbps and/or 300 Kbps. Weather, the number of simultaneous users, and their Internet activity affects WiFi performance and speed. The Ethernet connection is limited only by the selected access speed provided by Suddenlink (6 Mbps minimum). There is no additional charge for this baseline Internet access.

Town Homes and Apartment Buildings

The town homes, apartment buildings (10-92 including the Main Lodge, Bearpaw and Deerwander buildings), pool, ski area and tennis courts have WiFi access only. Eight access points (802.11 g/n at 54 or 300 Kbps) provide broadband coverage (Granlibakken Wireless) in a linked network that allows seamless connectivity. Limitations inherent to the use of the wireless system and large area coverage (74 acres) include: speeds affected by use and number of users, weather, tree obstructions and building interference. Individual computer performance will vary based on internal antenna gain performance.


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