A Sheltered Hill
with a Speedy Secret…

It all began about a century ago when extreme tobogganers found the perfect hill, sheltered in the Sierra Nevada pines at 6,350 ft. When these adventurers saw they could divert water from a nearby spring to create an icy-fast speed slide, all bets were off.

The site soon became “Olympic Hill”—a place competitive ski jumpers from around the world would come to break records for decades.

And trailblazers have visited here to connect with their own passions ever since.

…Becomes a Place
Called Granlibakken

In the 1940s, Norwegian ski jumper Kjell "Rusty" Rustad leased the valley, added amenities, and gave Granlibakken its Norwegian name, which means “hill sheltered by trees.”

Are you a history buff?

A Place to Reconnect
with Your Passion

Whether you come here as a skier, golfer, family, wellness-seeker, or part of a group, Granlibakken is still about connecting with what moves you.

Today, these 74 wooded acres are family owned and just as picturesque as they were 100 years ago. We still see shy bears and other wildlife on occasion. And we still regularly hear the call of the wild (though never so loud as to interfere with a good night’s sleep).

Over the years, the only real change around here has been the number of passions to pursue.