eco-hotelGranlibakken Tahoe, in it’s efforts to become a leading eco-hotel in Tahoe City, California, is proud to be a member of Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal’s pilot composting program.

Through this “yellow bag” program, Granlibakken Tahoe, partnered with TTSD, is hoping to further its environmental goals. This program will reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill, and will create valuable organic soil for regional landscapers and gardeners.

Composting is a truly amazing process, where organic waste is converted to humus. Humus is used to make soil more nutrient rich. It is pretty awesome to think about our food, lawn, and other organic waste being converted into a valuable soil amendment.

Composting not only helps to create rich soil, but it also eliminates waste from the landfills. Granlibakken Tahoe has been working to lessen its impact on the environment, and being a part of this pilot program is a great opportunity. The waste diverted from landfills goes towards a useful and valuable purpose. The waste also biodegrades more efficiently than it would in a landfill.

Granlibakken’s location in a wooded valley just steps from the shores of North Lake Tahoe really emphasizes the importance of composting and preserving the ecosystem in which we live. Composting is a step in the right direction for our eco-hotel. Currently, we are only able to compost organic food waste through this program. We are looking forward to it growing and becoming a more robust composting program that will serve not only businesses, but also residences in the area to make Tahoe a healthier place.

Learn more about Granlibakken’s environmental efforts.

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