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Today will be Part One of an informative 3-part series discussing the powerful practice of Yoga Nidra.

So, lets start with the question I'm most commonly asked.  What is Yoga Nidra?

In a nutshell, Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing, healing and empowering form of guided meditation, done lying down.  No yoga experience is needed for this deeply enriching practice.  The word Nidra means sleep, however it is far from the unconscious, "checked out" version of sleep you might think of normally.  On the contrary, Yoga Nidra is actually a state of consciousness in which the practitioner is deeply relaxed, nearing sleep, yet remains awake and aware.

In this state, our brains go into Theta brain wave patterns which define a deep meditation, dreaming, and the access point to the subconscious.  The subconscious governs nearly 95% of our habits, patterns, behavior etc.  However, in Yoga Nidra we also maintain some Alpha brainwaves which define light meditation or consciousness.  By bringing this two states together, we can begin to tap into our subconscious patterning that may serves us poorly, bring it into consciousness, and unwind it.  These are powerful tools for changing and recognizing subconscious patterning, and to continue our mental growth.

Secondarily, in Yoga Nidra, we tap into the parasympathetic response, or the rest/digest/heal part of our nervous system.  This is opposed to the more common fight/flight/freeze response which we spend the majority of our lives.  This state allows us to maximize our ability to process, heal, and rejuvenate so that we can live a more joyful and vibrant life .

So, how is Yoga Nidra different from regular relaxation?  We will discuss that in detail at the festival workshop but I'll mention one major differentiating factor today.  Sankalpa.  Yoga Nidra works with something called Sankalpa or Heartful Intention.  Working with this allows us to consciously create the lives we want.  To consciously create the healthiest, happiest lives we desire.  Who doesn't want that?!

I hope you can myself and co-teacher, Ashley Cooper, this May for our Yoga Nidra Workshop at the Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival, May 19-21, 2017.  Thanks for joining me today!


Watch Lauri Glenn's Introduction to Yoga Nidra here:


Lauri Glenn  is a yoga instructor and massage therapist as well as an avid outdoor enthusiast in the Tahoe region. She will be one of our workshop leaders at the upcoming Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival this May. Learn more about Lauri and her practice here.

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Tahoe conferencePutting on a conference, meeting, or event isn't easy. The location has to be right, and all of the details in place. Granlibakken has been working with meeting planners for years, and has been witness to the many ways that meetings and retreats have changed. Granlibakken has managed to stay current, working with meeting planners of all stripes to make sure that their events go off without a hitch.

Today's meeting planners are looking for not just a box to host meetings in, but a space in which the attendees can share ideas, make lasting connections, and grow as not just employees, but as people. Granlibakken offers 24,500 square feet of flexible indoor and outdoor meeting space, a location close to the shores of Lake Tahoe, and an experienced staff that will help your next event to be a success. Their Tahoe conference packages can easily accommodate groups of 4-400, with three meals per day, cocktail hours, coffee breaks, and more.

Granlibakken's location fosters productivity and growth as well. Host your next Tahoe retreat in Granlibakken's 74 acre wooded valley, located just a short distance from Lake Tahoe and Tahoe City. A quiet and serene setting as well as easy access to outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, biking, and kayaking, will make your next event one to remember. Granlibakken's onsite amenities, from hiking trails to an onsite ski and sled hill, will help attendees unwind and reflect. The Treetop Adventure Park is located onsite as well, and offers a great opportunity to foster teamwork while overcoming aerial obstacles.

Granlibakken's staff is also wonderful to work with. Granlibakken's seasoned staff of event coordinators, sales managers, and banquet staff will ensure that your next Tahoe conference goes flawlessly. The award-winning kitchen team will cater menus to your needs and dietary restrictions. The meeting space is flexible and abundant, accommodating large seminars or break-out sessions easily and smoothly. The sales managers, event coordinators, and others will work with you to ensure that the meeting space, audio-visual, and activities are well suited to your group.

Whether you are hosting a corporate seminar, educational conference, wellness retreat, or any other sort of gathering, Granlibakken has everything you need to make your event memorable. The conference landscape is forever changing, but Granlibakken's experience and expertise will ensure that your meeting is relevant and remarkable.

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Tahoe has long been known as a beautiful winter playground, and we want to help you to make the most of your next Tahoe winter vacation. Here are a few things nearby to help you plan your getaway:

Tahoe winter

Granlibakken's ski and sled hill is fun for the whole family

  1. Skiing and sledding: There are plenty of ski resorts within a short distance of Granlibakken Tahoe. Granlibakken also has its own ski and sled hill onsite, and day passes to sledding and lift tickets for skiing are half-priced for lodging guests.
  2. Ice skating: There is nothing that feels more quintessentially wintery than gliding around an ice rink. There are 4 rinks within a 30 minute drive of Granlibakken:
    1. Tahoe City Winter Sports Park
    2. Squaw Valley High Camp
    3. Northstar Village
    4. Truckee River Regional Park 

3.  Cross-Country Skiing or Snowshoeing: Granlibakken Tahoe offers a 1.5 mile groomed track around its property, as well as a partially groomed track to Paige Meadows, weather permitting. Cross-country ski and snowshoe rentals are also available in the rental shop. Looking for more trails? Check out the Tahoe City XC Center, located just a few miles from Granlibakken and offering miles and miles of groomed terrain for all ability levels.

4.  Snowmobiling: Get some thrills this winter when you take a snowmobile tour through the Sierras. Miles of rugged terrain and amazing vistas will make your tour unforgettable.

5.  Sleigh Rides: A memorable way to enjoy Tahoe is from behind a couple of draft horses, in a cozy sleigh. Experience Tahoe like the visitors of yesteryear with Borges Sleigh Rides.


6. Treetop Adventure Park: Open weekends and during holiday periods year-round, the Treetop Adventure Park is a unique way to spend a winter day. Spend your winter vacation in the treetops, completing an aerial trekking course dotted with obstacles and ziplines.

Tahoe winter vacation

The Treetop Adventure Park is a fun way to spend a winter day.


Whether you'll be spending your Tahoe winter vacation on the slopes or up in the trees, be sure to make it unforgettable when you book Granlibakken Tahoe.


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So you're planning a Tahoe ski vacation, and you're looking for that perfect place to stay. A place that will have space for you and your family or friends to spread out and dry your gear. A location close to your favorite ski resort, and with plenty of amenities onsite. Granlibakken is located within an hour's drive of many of Tahoe's premier resorts. Granlibakken's amenities, from the hot buffet breakfast served each morning to the outdoor year-round hot tub, pool, and sauna, will make your Tahoe ski vacation memorable, easy, and fun.

  1. Granlibakken Ski and Sled Hill: Located onsite, and half-priced for lodging guests, Granlibakken's ski and sled hill offers a great slope for beginner to intermediate skiers. Sledding is included in a full-day ski lift ticket, and rentals and lessons are available.
  2. Tahoe ski cabin

    Beautiful vistas at Homewood

    Homewood Mountain Resort: Offering terrain for beginner to intermediate skiers, this resort is a 10 minute drive from Granlibakken. Homewood offers fun terrain for all abilities, fewer crowds than some of the larger resorts, and breathtaking lake views.

  3. Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows: Enjoy world-class skiing on about 6,000 acres of skiable terrain at these two resorts, located just a 15-20 minute drive from Granlibakken. Both mountains are renowned for their advanced terrain, but they also offer a wide variety  of beginner to intermediate terrain.
  4. Boreal: Located about 40 minutes from Granlibakken on Highway 80, Boreal is a fun mountain with amazing terrain parks for all abilities. The Woodward Indoor Skate Park and night skiing are also attractions. If you weren't able to make it on the slopes during daylight, Boreal has got you covered.

    Tahoe ski vacation

    Night skiing at Boreal

  5. Sugarbowl: This mountain was one of Walt Disney's favorite destinations with his family, and it's easy to see why. Located about 40 minutes from Granlibakken off of Donner Pass Road, Sugarbowl offers a laid-back atmosphere and tons of terrain well suited for beginners and advanced skiers alike.
  6. Northstar: This resort is known for its terrain parks, where pros like Shaun White have practiced, as well as the approachable terrain throughout the mountain. Located about a 40 minute drive from Granlibakken Tahoe, Northstar has a great little village, fun terrain, and many family-friendly events throughout the year.
  7. Diamond Peak: Enjoy unparalleled Tahoe views at this family-friendly resort located about 40 minutes from Granlibakken on the east shore of Lake Tahoe. Diamond Peak offers great terrain for beginner to advanced skiers, and an amazing snowmaking program that ensures that you'll be able to make turns no matter what the weather.
  8. Mt. Rose: This mountain is located about an hour from Granlibakken, and it's elevation means that it often gets tons of snow. Offering beautiful vistas, great deals on passes, and plenty of terrain to explore, it is well worth the drive to visit this resort.

Make Granlibakken your destination for your next Tahoe ski vacation. Our condos and amenities will make your stay comfortable. Granlibakken's location close to many of Tahoe's premier resorts will allow you to ski at your favorite mountain with ease this winter.

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We have all heard the benefits of meditation: decreased stress, anxiety and tension accompanied with feelings of well-being, patience, concentration and compassion.  These benefits are easy to grasp conceptually and many of us make ourselves grand promises to start integrating meditation into our daily lives.  With the best of intentions, we sit down in a silent room and get to “shutting our brain off.”  It is not long before our knees start hurting, our to-do lists start screaming and our shut off brain is running on over drive.

The problem is not you or meditation.  It is all in the approach.  To begin, be easy on yourself.  Choose a technique from below or elsewhere that suits you personally, and just challenge yourself to five minutes a few times a week.  Meditate in a truly comfortable position whether you are sitting cross legged, in a comfortable chair, or lying down with pillows supporting you.  You can practice at home or, if you do better with group activities, attend a class.

When many of us think about meditation, we think of sitting down in silence with our legs crossed and our mind blissfully blank.  This is the Zen Buddhist practice of zazen, and it may be this simple for some of us.  Many more types of meditation exist, however, and for every learning style there is an approach to meditating.

Guided meditations are extremely useful in anchoring you to the present moment by providing structure and sound.  If you don’t want to attend a class, there are many excellent free guided meditations on the internet.  Visualizations are also extremely useful anchors and can be guided or learned ahead of time.  Some people use a mantra (a word, sound, or statement) that is silently repeated or murmured. When using mantras, you can also hold japa mala beads which resemble the Christian rosary: each bead is a single repetition of your mantra.  This mantra is very straightforward, memorable and can be done anywhere.

For whichever approach you choose, remember a few things:

  • First, the purpose of meditation is not to attain anything, we meditate to become present.
  • Second, the brain will not simply shut off; the trick is to allow thoughts, ideas, images, etc. to come without holding on or judging.
  • Third, meditation is a practice. The progression of this practice will reflect the amount of time and effort put into it.

Ashley A. Cooper is a freelance writer and yoga instructor residing in Truckee, CA.

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Have you ever been excited about a room? Sometimes it's something as seemingly insignificant as repainting the walls, or even just finding the perfect piece of furniture. Nothing beats the fresh perspective that you get when you make improvements to a space. And that is why we here at Granlibakken Tahoe are so very excited to introduce the Soul Shelter.

We have hosted a lot of groups, families, and individuals who have expressed that they would like a space to meditate, stretch, do some yoga, or just take some time away from their day to relax at our beautiful Tahoe resort. We listened to what the people wanted, and we are working on creating a space specifically for people to take some time to themselves to enjoy their surroundings. The Soul Shelter offers a comfortable, bright space with views of the surrounding pine trees, and is tucked away just across from the lobby in the main lodge. The arched ceilings with exposed beams are true to the mountain-lodge that Granlibakken is, and also offers a feeling of airiness to the space. The wood floors will be perfect for yoga classes and stretching or workouts.

This is a space that expresses opportunity. A space to relax and refocus. We are hoping to partner with local Tahoe yoga instructors and instructors in other modalities, like meditation and movement, to offer classes for a low drop-in fee to our guests. For groups, this is a great space to bring in their own classes, or just a space for attendees of a conference to get away from the hustle and take some time to reset and rejuvenate.

It's amazing how much inspiration a space can offer. Granlibakken Tahoe, nestled in a peaceful wooded valley just steps away from Lake Tahoe, is a resort that abounds in possibility, whether you are visiting for a Tahoe family vacation, or looking for a space to hold your next yoga or wellness retreat or educational seminar. We hope to offer an even grander experience to all of our guests through spaces like the Soul Shelter that so perfectly complement the Tahoe mountain resort atmosphere of Granlibakken.

The Soul Shelter is a work in progress, but it is also a blank canvas that signifies so many opportunities. We hope that you are as excited as we are about this amazing new wellness space! Stay tuned for more details and updates on the Soul Shelter.

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high-resolution-30Lake Tahoe is a fun year-round destination, but it is truly special in the winter months, when it transforms into a picture-perfect winter wonderland. Granlibakken Tahoe offers the perfect home-base for exploring North Lake Tahoe this winter.

Granlibakken’s wide variety of accommodation options, from standard bedrooms to three-bedroom townhouses, can comfortably accommodate families of any size. Many of the rooms are equipped with full kitchens and cozy sitting areas with fireplaces, offering a great space for families to prepare for a day of Tahoe adventure or kick back and relax after a day in the snow.

At Granlibakken, we understand the importance of fueling up for a day of Lake Tahoe winter fun. Hot buffet breakfast is included in all rates, and with a variety of options from fresh fruits and pastries to eggs and bacon, it is a great value and offers something for even the pickiest eaters.

Granlibakken’s many resort amenities are included in all rates as well. Enjoy the convenience of free parking and resort-wide complimentary wifi. The outdoor heated pool, hot tub, and sauna are also open year-round and offer a great après-ski activity. There is nothing more magical than unwinding and relaxing with a cold drink in the hot tub after a day of hitting the slopes. Granlibakken’s property is adjacent to miles of hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing trails to explore and enjoy the serenity of the Tahoe National Forest.

Granlibakken Tahoe is one of the oldest continually operating ski resorts in California. Host to the 1932 Olympic Ski Jumping trials, you can follow the course of the athletes of yesteryear on Granlibakken’s 300 vertical foot slope, perfect for beginners to intermediates and young families. Granlibakken’s sled hill onsite is also a fun way to get on the slopes, and a ski pass includes sledding as well. Sledding and skiing are both half-priced for lodging guests, making it an affordable way to get on the slopes this winter. Granlibakken Tahoe’s full service rental shop will also ensure that your family is ready for a snow day, with snowboard, alpine ski, cross-country ski and snowshoe rentals.

For those who may not want to ski or sled, the Treetop Adventure Park is located onsite and open year-round. Spend your day on the aerial trekking course, online-resolution-59ziplining through the trees while completing treetop challenges. Or relax in the onsite Day Spa, located slopeside and offering a variety of services, from facials to deep-tissue massage and couple’s massage.

You won’t go hungry at Granlibakken. The Ski Hut Snack Bar is located in the warming hut at the ski hill. Enjoy a slopeside snack or drink on the deck, from which the entire ski and sled hill can be viewed. Serving up authentic Mexican food as well as American favorites, it is the perfect spot to stop for lunch or to take a quick s’more break. The Gran Spot Coffee Cart at Granlibakken serves up specialty coffee drinks, light lunch and snack items, and beer, wine, and specialty cocktails in the main lodge. Open 5-9PM Fridays and Saturdays throughout the ski season and daily during holiday periods, The Cedar House Pub at Granlibakken offers cozy fireside dining with kid-friendly options as well as daily specials.

Nestled in a 74 acre wooded valley just outside of Tahoe City, Granlibakken is central to many of Tahoe’s premier attractions and activities. Skiers and snowboarders will enjoy the terrain at Squaw/Alpine and Homewood mountains, all located within a 20 minute drive of Granlibakken. Tahoe City offers a variety of dining and entertainment options, from family-friendly and fine dining restaurants to a movie theater and a variety of year-round street festivals and fairs. There are a variety of other activities to enjoy, from snowmobile tours to sleigh rides and guided snowshoe treks all located just a short drive away.

Make North Lake Tahoe a destination for your next family getaway, and Granlibakken will take care of the details to make your family vacation memorable, fun, and unique.

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sierra-soul-ww-image2016 was a whirlwind of a year, and we are so excited to see what 2017 will bring. The new year is a great time to reflect and re-evaluate. Perhaps you would like to continue on the path that you are on, or perhaps some  changes need to be made. Either way, attending Granlibakken's Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival, May 19-21, 2017, is a great way to rejuvenate yourself for the new year in Lake Tahoe.

The Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival is a unique yoga retreat, featuring local Lake Tahoe yoga instructors, an unparalleled setting, and a variety of speakers, instructors, and energy workers. Enjoy some healing and yoga in Tahoe, and see what 6,300 feet can do for your soul. North Lake Tahoe has a vibrant community of healers, yogis, and professionals in alternative healing and eastern modalities, and the Restorative Arts and Yoga retreat capitalizes on this community to bring these local professionals to visitors.

Each wellness workshop leader for RAY offers a unique and fresh perspective. Learn a new practice, or grow in areas that you have already dabbled in. This event offers a great opportunity to grow and reflect upon yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Granlibakken's setting in a peaceful wooded valley offers the perfect backdrop for a reflective and productive Lake Tahoe yoga and wellness retreat.

Start your day with sun salutations, and then choose from a variety of workshops, from sound healing and meditation, to hula hooping or Ki Gong. Meals are provided onsite, and lodging is available. Granlibakken Tahoe is offering an additional 20% off of lodging if you book prior to January 31, 2017 to sweeten the deal. Don't delay, and make your resolution to enjoy some well-being in 2017.

Can't make it to RAY 2017? Wellness Weekend, November 11-12, 2017, is also going to be a great event featuring workshop leaders with fresh ideas and perspectives. Offering a fusion of Western and Eastern modalities, speakers, and activity workshops, Wellness Weekend is the perfect opportunity to take a weekend for some self-love and friendship before the holidays and the winter season.

We hope to see you at one of our health and wellness events in 2017, and we hope that your year brings healing, friendship, and happiness.

Click here for more information about 2017 wellness retreats.

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Our annual Torchlight Parade is followed by gifts and snacks with Santa.

Our annual Torchlight Parade is followed by gifts and snacks with Santa.

We here at Granlibakken Tahoe believe that the holidays are best spent enjoying the company of loved ones. That is why we are doing all of the work for you for Christmas and New Year's Eve. All lodging rates include our holiday festivities, and they are also open to the public for a fee.

Enjoy Christmas in Lake Tahoe this year. Our annual Torchlight Parade honors Granlibakken's Olympic history. Ski down our slope with your own torch to become a part of this Granlibakken Tahoe tradition. The parade is followed by a gifts and hot cocoa with Santa.  On Christmas Day, Granlibakken will be hosting a full buffet dinner, with a menu that is sure to impress. Enjoy the holidays at our family-friendly Lake Tahoe resort, with activities and amenities sure to entertain people of all ages.

Granlibakken's New Year's Eve party is always a great time. Enjoy a special dinner made by our award-winning chef and kitchen staff, followed by music, dancing, and kid-friendly activities. The Granlibakken staff will do all of the work for you to ensure that your New Year's Eve is fun and memorable. A complimentary champagne toast at midnight will ring in the New Year in style!

As always, these holiday festivities are included for lodging guests. Guests at our Lake Tahoe hotel also enjoy half-priced skiing and sledding at Granlibakken's historic ski hill and all resort amenities, from free wifi to the outdoor heated pool, hot tub, and sauna. Granlibakken's location close to many Lake Tahoe attractions, resorts, as well as shopping and dining is perfect for your family holiday getaways!

Granlibakken Tahoe hope that you will spend the holidays with us, and that this winter season is one spent making memories with family and friends.

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sierra-soul-logoWe are so proud here at Granlibakken Tahoe to announce the launching of our new health and wellness series, Sierra Soul. With two events scheduled for 2017, Sierra Soul strives to bring the best of Tahoe healers, yoga instructors, and health professionals to you.

See what 6,300 feet can do for your soul at the Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival in Lake Tahoe, May 19-21, 2017. This Tahoe yoga retreat will cleanse your mind, body, and spirit while you expand your practice or learn about alternative modes of healing and maintaining good health. With two full days of health and wellness workshops, classes, and events, RAY will be sure to be a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway that will prepare you for the summer months ahead. Start each day with a sunrise yoga session in the forested valley that Granlibakken is situated in, just a short distance from Lake Tahoe. Choose from the variety of sessions offered throughout the day, from hula hooping to sound healing. RAY truly has something for everyone, and is the perfect time to expand your yoga practice or your health journey in Tahoe. Granlibakken Tahoe also offers affordable lodging onsite for RAY attendees. Book your stay before January 31st 2017 to get 10% off of lodging rates. Click here for more details.

Wellness Weekend is the second event in the Sierra Soul Series, and will be November 11 and 12 of 2017. Wellness Weekend brings medical professionals, alternative healthcare experts, and yoga instructors to you through seminars, workshops, and exercise classes. The fusion of eastern and western modalities is unique to this event, and offers a one-of-a-kind perspective for attendees. Continuing education credits can also be earned through this retreat, and it is a great way to learn something new while also furthering your career. We are offering 10% off registration fees if you book before May 31, 2017 at Granlibakken. Click here for more details.

We hope to see you at one (or both!) of our Sierra Soul 2017 events. Join us for Lake Tahoe retreats filled with friendship, learning, and rejuvenation.

Click here to learn more about wellness at Granlibakken.



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