The first annual Lake Tahoe Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival at Granlibakken Tahoe was a great success. We received so much positive feedback from the attendees, about the location, the instructors (especially the instructors!) and the schedule. However, we did receive some suggestions for improvements, and we have taken those to heart. Here are a few things that we are planning to add to the mix at RAY 2018:

Lake Tahoe Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival

Shinrin-Yoku, the Japanese practice of forest-bathing, offer many physical and mental benefits.

  • Wake up in the Woods: So many participants wanted to take advantage of the early summer weather here in Tahoe, and we found that our shinrin-yoku meditation hike was beyond full at RAY 2017. For 2018, we are introducing shinrin-yoku, which is the Japanese practice of forest-bathing, daily. Wake up in the Woods will allow you to fully appreciate Granlibakken's peaceful setting, while relaxing and preparing you for the day ahead.


  • Guided Kirtan Sessions: Kirtan, which is a form of

    Tahoe Kirtan

    Guided Kirtan sessions will help you to sing your heart's song.

    storytelling and meditation through chanting and singing, is a great way to connect with those around you while also establishing a deeper connection with yourself and your higher consciousness. Kirtan is often referred to as your heart's song, and is used as a powerful meditation tool. Sounds or words are instructed in Sanskrit and hold a powerful renewing and transformative energy that will help participants connect to the Divine that resides in all of us. There was one Kirtan session offered last year, and participants expressed a deep connection with this practice. At RAY 2018, we will explore this practice further, offering it to more individuals and possibly as a group session. The Kirtan sessions will be designed for all who wish to participate, whether they are new to this practice or experienced; introverted or extroverted.


  • Speakeasy Sessions: Short and informal 15-30 minute session will be held throughout the weekend, offering powerful words to stimulate your experience at RAY2018. Stay for the full talk or just receive some positive affirmations from instructors, teachers, and your peers. These sessions will allow you to connect with others while taking away intentions and affirmations that will help you to make the most out of your weekend, your summer, and your life.

Shinrin-Yoku Lake Tahoe

We can't tell you how much we are looking forward to the second annual Lake Tahoe Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival, June 1-3, 2018. This weekend will feature Tahoe and Truckee based instructors, teachers, and energy workers to bring a weekend that will restore, heal, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. We are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces at this great event, as well as plenty of new faces. Open to yogis and practitioners of all abilities, the Lake Tahoe Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival will allow you to improve your practice or discover something new in the Sierras. See what 6,300 ft. can do for your soul at RAY 2018.

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Roger Gabriel

Roger Gabriel at the Satuwa Baba Ashram School in Varanasi, India, which he helps to sponsor.

Granlibakken Tahoe is proud to announce that Roger Gabriel, Master Educator at The Chopra Center, will be headlining this year’s Wellness Weekend with his seminar titled “Release the Karmic Spirit.”

Roger first began his wellness journey in the 1970s, training to be a meditation teacher under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. His extensive training and engaging approach has brought Roger to teach meditation, Ayurveda and yoga in seminars and workshops all over the world.  Roger is closely connected to Deepak Chopra and has assisted Deepak with numerous programs.  He has taught thousands of people around the world the power of self-transformation through meditation. Roger will be lending key insights from his many years of experience to attendees of Wellness Weekend 2017 at Granlibakken Tahoe.

Roger’s speech will offer valuable insight into Karma and its effects on our relationships, goals, and achievements. Karma determines how we are treated in a next existence based on our actions of this existence. Regardless of philosophy and/or faith, Roger’s keynote will offer valuable insights into the different types of Karma and how it impacts life.  He will offer training tools to meditation and how to live a mindful life. Roger’s keynote speech is included for all Wellness Weekend attendees, or the speech and preceding cocktail hour can be purchased à la carte.

Yoga retreat

Begin each day with a sunrise yoga class at Wellness Weekend 2017.

Wellness Weekend is a unique event that will feature two full days of workshops, seminars, and classes that combine a unique fusion of Eastern and Western medicine, philosophy, and practice. Wellness Weekend was formerly Women’s Wellness Weekend, and this year Granlibakken invites both men and women alike, allowing for a broader scope of topics and experiences. Granlibakken has also expanded the schedule, including a plethora of activity and meditation classes, as well as the traditional seminars and workshops that this event is known for.

Wellness Weekend attendees will enjoy Granlibakken’s unparalleled setting as well as a unique event that combines education, yoga, movement and meditation classes, and a vibrant marketplace into two soulful days. Educational seminars will cover a variety of subjects, ranging from GMO foods to mental health. A robust schedule of activity classes are designed to rejuvenate the body and the mind, with daily yoga classes as well as energy-work and meditation.

The weekend fee to attend Wellness Weekend is $132, which includes daily meals, as well as all workshops and socials. Lodging is available at a special weekend package rate of $116 per night for double-occupancy or $179 per night for single-occupancy, not including tax and service charges.

Granlibakken, a premier venue for health and wellness events, offers an exceptional setting for this inspirational retreat. Reservations for Wellness Weekend, to be held November 11 & 12, 2017, can be made online here using Group ID: LTWW17 and Password: LTWW17.

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Ki GongMore movement, more education, and a new keynote speaker. There is a lot to be excited about for the Lake Tahoe Wellness Weekend 2017, November 11 & 12. In year's past, this event, formerly known as Women's Wellness Weekend, was only available to women. This year, we are inviting people of all genders to participate and enjoy this unforgettable weekend.

For this year's Lake Tahoe Wellness Weekend, we listened to your feedback. More movement classes? Got it. Take a break from the seminars to enjoy a restorative Yoga Nidra practice, or align your chi to improve your balance in an invigorating Ki Gong workshop. Each morning starts with a sunrise Vinyasa class, designed to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the day ahead. You won't want to miss the drum circle, led by Liz Broscoe, aka DrumChik. Learn rhythms and dances, and build lasting relationships with those around you as you enjoy the empowerment and freedom that comes from drumming.

Wellness Weekend 2017 also boasts an improved speaker schedule, with new speakers discussing current topics ranging from GMO foods to the healing properties of laughter. Learn how to improve healing and recovery through neurophysiology, or learn how your brain and your gut interact and respond to different chemicals and compounds found in everyday foods. Wellness Weekend will bring the best of Eastern and Western philosophies and medicine to you, with speakers and workshop leaders with varied backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Deepak Chopra

Roger Gabriel with Deepak Chopra

The keynote speaker for this event is a Master Educator at the Chopra Center, Roger Gabriel. Roger is known in the wellness community for his insight and expertise in a wide variety of topics, from forgiveness to Vedic technique. He leads workshops around the globe, teaching and helping people with yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda practices.  Roger has developed a relationship with acclaimed guru Deepak Chopra, and has been an integral member of the Chopra Center team for years. Roger will be delivering his keynote entitled "Release the Karmic Secret," in which he will be exploring the different kinds of karma that exist and how to attain a higher level of enlightenment in this life or the next.

The Local Artisan Marketplace on Saturday will be a great time to peruse some local goods, or to check out some North Lake Tahoe services (psst--if you want to be a vendor at the fair, fill out the application here). Enjoy beer and wine tastings, delicious food, and good company.

Our goal has been to keep all of the aspects of Wellness Weekend you loved, while adding some new programs, activities, and speakers to the event. We are looking forward to seeing you there-see the full schedule of events and book your stay here.

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Ever been hiking and wondered--hey, is that edible? We certainly have. While we don't recommend eating any plant unless you are 100% sure it is edible, we are here to help you out in identifying some berries that we've spotted in the woods around Granlibakken.


Sierra Currant

Sierra Currant:

Shown in bloom, this flower ripens into a deep blue berry. The berry can be eaten on the trail, and has a mild, sugary flavor. Be sure to pick off the dead flower from the berry before consuming. This plant is extremely hardy, and can be found just about anywhere in the Sierras, from 6,000-10,000 feet.




If you can get this berry before the birds do, you're in for a treat. This plant has broad leaves and grows around streams and wetter areas in the Sierras. Find them in cooler, shaded areas near streams and rivers around Granlibakken. The fruit looks like a small raspberry, and tastes similar. However, as is the case with many wild plants, the flavor is concentrated, lending a sweeter and more flavorful taste to these berries. They taste like summertime and should be savored.


Sierra Gooseberry



Sierra Gooseberry:

Yes, we know what you're thinking. These berries are most definitely edible, though! Again, this fruit thrives in cooler, shadier and wetter areas around the Sierras. Watch your hands when picking them--we recommend using gloves to avoid getting pricked by those pesky thorns. The effort is well worth it, though, for the delicious pulp found inside these berries. With a sweet, mellow taste, these are a refreshing fruit to eat raw. They can also be pulverized and made into a simple syrup--great for drizzling on ice cream. Check out a recipe here.


We hope that you enjoy your next hike around Granlibakken, and that you find some of these delectable berries. Again, do not eat anything that you can't 100% positively identify, and it is always recommended to go on your first foraging adventure with a professional who can help you to identify edible plants.

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Written by Roger Gabriel

Roger Gabriel first began his wellness journey in the 1970s, training to be a meditation teacher under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. His extensive training and engaging approach has brought Roger to teach meditation, Ayurveda and yoga in seminars and workshops all over the world.  Roger is closely connected to Deepak Chopra and has assisted Deepak with numerous programs.  He has taught thousands of people around the world the power of self-transformation through meditation. Roger will be lending key insights from his many years of experience to attendees of Wellness Weekend 2017 at Granlibakken Tahoe.

Deepak Chopra

Roger Gabriel with Deepak Chopra

Forgiveness is an essential part of our spiritual growth and a necessary tool to cleanse karma. Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the heart and the door to the body of Love. If we cannot forgive, we will never be able to truly love. We all have karmic connections to everyone in our lives past and present. This connection is like a fine thread, which may becomes dark and filled with blockages of anger and resentment. By not forgiving, we give our personal power to the other person and create a prison of anger and resentment around ourselves. When we forgive, the blockages disappear and the thread turns to pure light. As M.L. Stedman said,“You only have to forgive once. To resent, you have to do it all day, every day”. If we don’t forgive, we are the ones who suffer, allowing the other person to hurt us over and over again.

There are essentially three areas of forgiveness. Sometimes all three are involved in the same situation:

  • Forgiving others for a hurt we perceive they have caused us
  • Asking others to forgive us for a hurt we perceive we have caused them
  • Forgiving ourselves for hurts we perceive we have caused

The word perceive is important here as sometimes the idea of the “hurt” might be quite different to different people.

These steps can be adapted for whomever is to be forgiven.


The first step in forgiving is to take responsibility for our emotions. Not necessarily responsibility for the situation, but how it made us feel. Emotions are a choice. To forgive, we must recognize that it is our emotion and stop blaming others for how we choose to feel. Pain is real but suffering is a choice.


Whatever happened, happened. We cannot change the past. Accepting what happened allows us to move from the past to the present. Healing happens in the present. This doesn’t mean we have to forget what happened but dwelling on it or wishing it had been different, doesn’t serve us. Accept it, learn from it and begin creating the future you deserve.

So many people hold onto anger and animosity towards someone who has been dead for years or one group of people are hostile towards another for something their ancestors did generations ago. What a waste of time and energy.


One of the most important parts of forgiveness is to separate the person from the act. There are many acts which can never be forgiven, murder, rape, child abuse, etc. However, we can always forgive the person who committed the act. Focus your forgiveness on the person, not what was done by the person.Lake Tahoe Wellness


Whatever emotions you are still feeling - anger, sadness, fear, guilt, are the stress and toxicity locked into your physiology, diminishing your quality of life. Take some time to be quiet, be aware of the emotion mentally and then feel it physically in your body. It’s there as some pain, tightness or other discomfort. Now do something physical to release the sensation. This could be jumping, running, shouting or breathing forcefully. Whatever you do should require some effort. Imagine you are forcing that sensation out of your body.


Next see if you can begin to understand why this person might have done what was done. What was going on in that person’s life at the time. Maybe put yourself in that person’s shoes and ask yourself, “What would it have taken for me to do that? How much pain and suffering, how much distorted thinking would I have had to be experiencing to do that?” Remember, everyone, including you, is doing the best they can from their level of awareness, no matter how confused that might have been at the time.


Karma is a complex subject and sometimes hard to accept. From a Vedic perspective, everything is the result of karma, so whatever has happened to us, was the result of some previous act of ours. Consider therefore, that the person who we feel hurt us, was creating future karma for him/herself but was also the postman delivering our karma.


Every experience or situation holds the gift of an opportunity for growth. If we view life as problems, we miss these gifts. No matter how dark the experience might have seemed, look for the opportunity. Our spiritual strength and awareness comes from seeing the opportunities.

Lake Tahoe Wellness WeekendMeditation

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help us in the process of forgiving. A silent meditation such as Primordial Sound Meditation takes us beyond the mind, beyond thought. It allows us to naturally release the blockages that are causing our suffering. A lack of forgiveness creates limitations in our lives. Meditation allows us to look beyond the problem and opens us to the realm of Infinite Possibilities. Meditation brings clarity of thinking and opens our heart, bringing compassion and understanding.

Guided meditations such as the one below can also help us forgive.


Although Stedman said we only need to forgive once, sometimes there are several layers to forgiveness. As we peel of one layer, another is exposed. No one says it is easy but it is necessary and the rewards are well worth any effort.

Remember, forgiveness is all about you. Even though it may sound selfish, it’s necessary for you to reach a place of comfort within yourself before you can help anyone else.

Forgive and forget?

If we can forgive and forget great, however, this isn’t necessary. If someone has harmed us, forgiving doesn’t mean we have to spend the rest of our lives with them. If the person committed a crime, forgiving doesn’t necessarily mean he/she should not be legally punished. Forgive but use your common sense. Learn from the experience.


If the situation involved another person you are still in contact with, sharing your feelings and allowing the other to share his or her feelings is the way to create a strong meaningful relationship moving forward. However only do this if both of you are ready.

Writing a letter to the other party, expressing your feeling and addressing forgiveness can also be a useful tool when a face to face dialogue isn’t possible. There’s no need to even send the letter, it’s for your benefit.


Like so many other things in our lives, the best approach is prevention. If we live our life consciously aware of our choices, hopefully we’ll avoid situations that could be hurtful.

If we do find ourselves in such a situation, the sooner we can process our emotions, the less we’ll have to forgive in the future. The process for forgiving in the moment or forgiving something from the past is essentially the same process.

Celebrate your Freedom

As we’ve mentioned, forgiveness often has many layers but you’ll know you have truly and fully forgiven something or someone when you can face it with no emotional charge. Processing any emotion isn’t comfortable, which is why we often keep putting it off. When you do forgive, reward yourself. Enjoy the lightness, empowerment and the freedom forgiveness brings.

Lake Tahoe Wellness Retreat

Meditation for Forgiveness

Close or open your eyes as is comfortable

Think of all those you may need to forgive for hurting you

Can you forgive them?

Think of those you have hurt

Can you ask for forgiveness?

Are you holding onto guilt?

Can you forgive yourself?

Everyone, including you is always doing the best they can in any moment

Choose one person you need to forgive

What emotions are you feeling?

Where are you feeling them in your body?

Is there discomfort here?

Breathe deeply into that area of your body

Allow your breath to begin untying the knots

Bring your awareness into your heart

Be aware of your own ability for love and compassion

Breathe in Love

Fill yourself with Pure Love

For now, put aside what was done and see the person as a small baby, see their purity, their innocence

Bring this baby into your heart

Hold this baby in your Love

Can you forgive this innocent child?

Try to understand what might have happened to make the person behave the way they did


Forgive and free yourself


Imagine what your life will be like when you have forgiven everyone, including yourself.

Be grateful for the miracle of your life

Be grateful for everyone in your life

Take a few deep breaths

When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes



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Written by Liz Broscoe

Liz Broscoe is a professional drummer/percussionist, author, adjunct faculty at Lake Tahoe Community College, teaching artist for schools and at-risk youth, and a corporate team building facilitator. Through her drumming programs, she continues to inspire others throughout the Tahoe/Truckee/Reno and Carson Valley areas. Learn more at or call Liz at: 530-318-2330.  

Tahoe DrummingWe drum because it’s fun! That is a given. There is something very rewarding about the sound, feel, effort and the unifying experience created within a community drum circle. I am a long time professional drum set player, but this  all-inclusive communal drumming I am referring to is very different than playing in a band focused more on entertainment.

Current research shows that specialized group drumming provides many health, wellness and therapeutic benefits. Experiencing steady, rhythmic drumming improves cognitive brain function – increasing our ability to hold attention and focus. This is so good for kids and adults these days with all of our technology pulling our attention everywhere.

Drumming increases cancer fighting white blood cells in the immune system, decreases stress, anxiety, blood pressure and pain. It is a “Whole Brain” activity that provides the rare experience of activating and balancing both sides of the brain simultaneously. Consequently, drumming can benefit people dealing with Cancer, Parkinson’s, stroke, PTSD and many other conditions.

In her book, “When the Drummers Were Women”, Layne Redmond expressed that it is our primordial desire to get back to our roots of drumming. Archeological findings confirm that many cultures have drummed since ancient times.

Tahoe Drumming

Drumming benefits people of all ages

Drumming is fascinating to me. As a professional drummer of nearly four decades and an educator/facilitator for the last twenty years, I am continually inspired and motivated in helping my students gain a deeper understanding of themselves through drumming. From at-risk kids to adults, whether I facilitated in schools, juvenile treatment centers or at corporate team building events, I continue to enjoy the challenge and rewards of bringing folks together collectively and communally in mind, body and spirit through drumming.

From a science point of view, our ancestors did not understand why they drummed, but they certainly knew intuitively.

Yes, it’s super fun, but now we know it is also really good for us!!

Drum On!

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Written by Kim Bateman, Ph.D.

Wellness Weekend

Kim Bateman, Ph.D., is one of the speakers at Wellness Weekend 2017.

Kim Bateman, Ph.D. is the author of Crossing the Owl’s Bridge: A Guide for Grieving People Who Still Love. Her research interests include humor, death, and organizational psychology and she currently serves as the Executive Dean of the Tahoe-Truckee Campus of Sierra College. Kim will be kicking off Wellness Weekend 2017 with her seminar, Tickling Your Funny Bone.

The ancient Greeks, Shakespeare, and other dramatists took comedy very seriously. They realized that comedy was not a “time out” from the real world, rather it provided another perspective on that world. Using rich examples, Dr. Bateman will explore the functions of humor and along the way, tickle your funny bone.

Humor can help develop the capacity for critical thinking. “Do you know why gorillas have big nostrils?” “Because they have big fingers,” encourages five year olds to think abstractly, see different perspectives, and express tension they might feel between their own spontaneity and society’s need for restraint.

As a defense mechanism, humor can help diffuse anxiety and alert us to what is wrong. During the rise of Hitler and the 3rd Reich, humorists were among the first to call attention to the breakdown of civility. In the ghettos Hitler’s “masterpiece” Mein Kampf (my struggle) was referred to as Mein Kramp (my cramp). In Munich, cabaret performer Weiss Ferdl would bring out large photographs of Hitler, Goering, and other Nazi leaders and then think aloud, “Now should I hang them, or line them up against the wall?” The humor was a way of saying, “You may have control of my body, but you cannot possess my soul.” It helped people express the darkness.Wellness Weekend

Humor also helps us forge ingroups and outgroups. Anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac, anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot, and anyone who drives the same speed as you is really annoying— humor as a means of social comparison. For hundreds of years, people have used jokes to establish superiority/inferiority in ethnic, racial, religious, socioeconomic, intelligence, and gender differences. It can wound, reveal, and conceal social realities.

For this presentation, many aspects of humor will be presented, but there will be a focus on how it serves as a pleasurable way to connect with others and release tension.

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Written by Rolf Gordon

Rolf Godon Ph.D. has been a student and instructor of Ki Gong for some 15 years. He is a psychotherapist by training with a lifelong interest in inner (spiritual) development. Ki Gong has provided a wonderful fit for these interests. Learning to enhance, access and direct inner energy has made a profound and positive difference in his life as a professional, an athlete and a human being. Additionally, the group energy in a Ki Gong class empowers personal energy; hence his passion for teaching this form. He likes to call Ki Gong his inner exercise, a moving meditation a focus on the inner smile and laughter. Overall it has been a huge asset in his own life journey.


Ki GongWhat is Ki Gong?

Ki Gong came into existence in China more than 4,000 years ago. It was practiced in the villages
as preventative medicine. A spiritual form was practiced in the monasteries and remained secret until
more recent times. There was also martial arts form. The body was seen as an energy system. Illness
came from blockages in the flow of energy. Series of movements coordinated with deep meditative
breathing were developed to open up blockages and balance energies and enhance Qi (Ki) function.
The mind directs the energy from a space of intentionality. As body/mind become balanced spirit is



There is a growing body of western research as to the efficacy of Ki gong. There is evidence
that the practice strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, increases bone
health/density, improves balance and reduces falling, helps sleep, reduces anxiety, depression and
overall enhances mood. And, practitioners report an overall improvement in their perceived quality of

The Practice

In general the movement sequences are gentle in nature and can be undertaken by people
regardless of their physical state. It is usually done standing and is also frequently done from a sitting
position. While some movement sequences are more rapid in nature; usually the ones designed to
warm up and stimulate Ki movement; most are accomplished using slow movement coordinated with
very deep breathing. There are sequences incorporating healing sounds. The practice is always
accompanied by the smile which is incredibly empowering. The mere act of smiling immediately
raises and lightens one's energy and creates an openness and relatedness. Participants report an overall
sense of energized easefullness at the end of a class. They also report an easing of physical issues and
increased range of motion.

Practice Ki Gong with Rolf:Ki Gong

Rolf Godon teaches two classes per week. One class meets each Tuesday from 9am to
10:15am. During the summer this class meets in Truckee at the Regional Park BBQ riverfront area. In
the winter this class meets at the Recreation Center. The second class meets each Thursday from 10am
to 11am at the Truckee Senior Services dining room. Drop ins are very welcome. For information; call
or text Rolf at 530-587-2557 or email at

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Book the Lake Tahoe Wellness Weekend Today to get 10% Off Event Registration

Wellness WeekendThe sixth annual Wellness Weekend has experienced a makeover. This year, Granlibakken's Wellness Weekend is open to everyone, not just women as it has been in years past. A new and improved schedule features yoga classes, energy work, and educational seminars. When you book before August 15, 2017, the full weekend of events is just $120.

Let's start with the activity classes. Last year, we received feedback that more active/movement/meditation classes would be appreciated, and we listened. Wellness Weekend 2017 features a movement or meditation class in every time slot, perfect for stretching and rejuvenating between seminars. Enjoy a centering Yoga Nidra meditation practice with Lauri Glenn, or focus your energy with a Tai Chi flow in the afternoon. Each morning begins with a sunrise yoga class, perfect for welcoming the day of learning ahead. You won't want to miss the Drum Circle led by Liz Broscoe, the last class of Wellness Weekend and one that will be sure to inspire, heal, and prepare you for whatever lies ahead.

The educational seminars at Wellness Weekend are also not to be missed. Learn about GMO foods and their impact on your health with Stephenie Riley, ND at her seminar. Gain a greater understanding of how your mental and physical projections impact the relationships that you have with others from Karin Sable, LMFT. Continuing education credits are available to nurses at this event as well, a great excuse to attend with some friends and learn something new.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Wellness Weekend 2017, and don't forget to book before August 15 to get the best rate available!

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Fireworks Tahoe City

Commons Beach-4th of July 2016

4th of July in Tahoe is a truly incredible experience. The small towns bustle with activity, the weather is gorgeous, and of course, there are firework shows all around the lake.





Head up to the Northstar Village for craft brew tasting, pairing, and live music on 4th of July Weekend. Kid-friendly activities are available, and the Brewmaster’s Dinner on July 2nd offers craft beer pairings and a 5-course meal.


Free music, a street marketplace and fair, and plenty of activities for families–Incline Village goes all out with their 4th of July celebration! Watch the fireworks with a special finale accompanied by the Air National Guard Band of the West. See the full schedule of events here


Ski on 4th of July weekend? Who wouldn’t want to do that?! Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows will be hosting Freedom Fest, with free live music, skiing, and fireworks on Monday night. Stop by to ski or just to enjoy some live music in the sunshine at the nation’s summer skiing capital.


You don’t have to wait until the 4th to start celebrating! Kings Beach hosts its annual 3rd of July fireworks and beach party, complete with eating contests, giveaways, and live music. Enjoy the show from the beach, or alternatively book a 4th of July cruise on the Tahoe Gal to view the show from the water.


The 72nd annual Tahoe City Fireworks show will be one to remember! Enjoy dinner or drinks at one of the many lakeside restaurants and bars, and then head down to the beach to pick a spot to watch the show. Tahoe City Kayak will be offering a 4th of July kayak tour, offering the unique experience of watching the fireworks from the lake. Can’t beat that!

Fireworks Lake Tahoe


Enjoy the 4th of July at another beautiful lake in the region, Donner Lake, located just 30 minutes from The Franciscan. Enjoy historic Truckee’s annual 4th of July parade and street fair, followed by a fireworks celebration. View a stunning fireworks show in the Sierras from one of Donner Lake’s public docks, or from the West End Beach.


Recognized as one of the premier fireworks shows in the nation, South Lake Tahoe comes alive for the annual fireworks show. View the show from the water with a cruise on the Tahoe Queen or the M.S. Dixie, or get to one of the beaches early to secure a spot.


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