The snow is falling, and Tahoe is calling! Opening dates of December 14 have been set for all of the below activities and onsite concessions.

Tahoe Holiday Party

Ski & Snowboard Hill

Open 9AM-4PM Fridays-Mondays, and daily during holiday periods.

Granlibakken’s onsite ski and snowboard hill is perfect for beginner to intermediate skiers and riders. An intimate and approachable slope, a low-key atmosphere, and affordable rates are a few of the reasons why generations of Tahoe skiers and riders have learned to ski and ride here. 

Lessons and rentals are available at affordable rates, and the entire hill can be viewed from the ski hut deck–perfect for getting the kiddos on the slopes this winter!

Lodging guests at Granlibakken Tahoe receive half-priced full-day lift tickets. Learn more>>

Sled Hill

Open 9AM-4PM Daily

Granlibakken’s popular sledding hill is also scheduled to open December 14. A full day of sledding is just $17 ($18 holidays), and is half-priced for lodging guests. All day passes include a saucer rental. 

New this year! Skip the lines–buy your sledding tickets in advance here

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Open 7AM-6PM Daily

The pristine 74-acre wooded valley that Granlibakken calls home is great for winter exploration. Granlibakken offers two groomed trails when weather permits. One is a 1.5 mile loop around the property, and the other is a 2 mile groomed portion of the trail up to Paige Meadows, a popular cross-country ski and snowshoe destination. 

Rentals are available daily for cross-country ski and snowshoe equipment, learn more here. 

Granlibakken’s Rental Shop

Open 7AM-6PM Daily

Granlibakken’s rental shop offers daily rentals at affordable rates. Alpine ski, snowboard, snowshoe, and cross-country ski equipment is all available daily. Rentals are on a 24-hour basis, so feel free to take your equipment to another resort and return it the next morning!

Learn more>>

Tahoe ski history
The Ski Hut in the 50s

Rusty’s Kitchen

Open 11AM-4PM Fridays-Mondays, and daily during holiday periods.

Located in the historic ski hut at the base of Granlibakken’s ski and sled hill, Rusty’s Kitchen serves up freshly-made authentic Mexican fare as well as beer, wine, and snacks. Named for Kjell “Rusty” Rustad, the man who gave Granlibakken its name and who also constructed the ski hut, Rusty’s Kitchen offers some of the best Mexican food around at affordable rates. 

Learn more>>

Gran Spot Barbecue

Open 11AM-4PM Fridays-Mondays, and daily during holiday periods.

Located near the Ski Hut deck, the Gran Spot Barbecue serves up hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers. Grab a quick bite between sledding sessions and warm up at the outdoor fire pit.

Learn more>>

Gran Spot Coffee Cart

Open 8:30AM-4PM Fridays-Mondays, and daily during holiday periods.

Stay caffeinated and make the most of your vacation! The Gran Spot Coffee Cart offers specialty coffee drinks, baked fresh daily pastries, and light snacks and drinks. Don’t forget the s’mores–s’more kits are for sale, toast up a marshmallow and enjoy skiing, sledding, and s’moring.

Learn more>>

Cedar House Pub

Open 5-9PM Thursdays-Sundays, and daily during holiday periods.
Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

The Cedar House Pub serves up delicious Pub food in an old-Tahoe lodge atmosphere. The Pub offers daily specials, a full bar, live music, and a family-friendly atmosphere. Stop by the Cedar House Pub for an après-drink or bite to eat.

Get 2-for-1 entrees every Thursday and Sunday at the Cedar House Pub!*

*Excluding holiday periods

Learn more>>

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North Lake Tahoe just received its first major snowstorm–the best way to welcome December in our opinion. All signs are point to a white holiday season here in North Lake Tahoe, and what better place to spend the holiday season than at Granlibakken’s winter wonderland?

Holiday Festivities at Granlibakken Tahoe

Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade:

The Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade at Granlibakken Tahoe is an annual tradition. Follow the turns of generations of skiers after closing, carrying your own torch. This nod to Granlibakken’s Olympic history ends with a visit and gifts with Santa, snacks, and hot drinks in Granlibakken’s historic warming hut. 

The Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade is free and open to the public.

Learn more>>

Christmas Day Festivities

Let Granlibakken do the work so that you can enjoy a relaxing holiday surrounded by loved ones. Granlibakken’s Christmas Dinner Buffet comes with all of the fixings and a carving table. The buffet is accompanied by a full bar and a gingerbread house competition. 

Christmas Dinner is included for all lodging guests, and is available to non-lodging guests for an additional fee. 

Learn more>>

New Year’s Eve Party

Ring in 2019 in style at Granlibakken Tahoe. The New Year’s Eve Party starts with a buffet dinner, followed by drinks, dancing with a live DJ, and a full bar. A balloon drop and complimentary champagne toast at midnight tops off the evening. Kid-friendly activities and a movie night are available as alternate activities.

New Year’s Eve Festivities are included for all lodging guests, and is available to non-lodging guests for an additional fee. 

Learn more>>

Christmas in Tahoe

Onsite Activities

There are plenty of activities onsite at Granlibakken guaranteed to make your holiday season merry and bright. All of these activities can be enjoyed by the public all winter season, some fees apply.

Ski & Snowboard Hill

Granlibakken Tahoe’s Ski and Snowboard Hill is great for beginner and intermediate skiers. The historic slopes have been used for winter activities since 1922, and generations of skiers have fond memories of learning to ski at Granlibakken Tahoe.

Granlibakken keeps that tradition alive with affordable lift prices, affordable rentals, and affordable lesson options for skiers and snowboarders. The intimate hill is perfect for beginners who want to give winter sports a try without breaking the bank. The entire hill can be viewed from the ski lodge, perfect for keeping an eye on the little ones. 

Also, did we mention that full-day lift tickets are half-priced for lodging guests, and include a pass to the sledding hill?

Learn more>>

Sled Hill

Granlibakken’s onsite sled hill is fun for the whole family! Passes are half-priced for lodging guests, and just $17/day ($18/day during holiday periods) for the public. The hill is groomed and supervised, and all passes include a saucer rental. 

Learn more>>

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Granlibakken is situated on 74 peaceful acres of National Forest land. This offers ample opportunities for exploration. Granlibakken offers rentals for cross-country skis and snowshoes, and when the weather permits, a 1.5-mile track around the property is groomed for guest use. Paige Meadows, a popular cross-country ski and snowshoe destination, is just 3 miles away. When weather permits, Granlibakken grooms the first mile of trail up to Paige Meadows.

Learn more>>

Relax at the Day Spa

Granlibakken’s onsite Day Spa offers a variety of treatments–perfect for rejuvenating those tired muscles after a day on the slopes. The mountainside location is beautiful, and monthly specials are available.

Learn more>>

Namaste in Tahoe

Through a partnership with The Yoga Room Tahoe, Granlibakken is now offering Saturday classes in the newly-renovated Soul Shelter. The Mountain Flow Yoga Class is designed for all abilities, and offers the perfect mix of movement and meditation to start your weekend off right.

Learn more>>

Go Swimming!

Yep, Granlibakken’s pool, hot tub, and sauna are open year-round. Have you ever soaked in a hot tub while snowflakes fall around you? It’s the perfect way to unwind after a spectacular day in the snow. 

Learn more>>

Add Some Zip to Your Trip

The Treetop Adventure Park aerial trekking course is open on weekends in alternating locations during the winter months, and daily during winter holiday periods. The course is fun for people of all abilities ages 5+, and includes a number of obstacles, bridges, and ziplines high up in the Tahoe pines. 

Learn more>>

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Granlibakken has expanded its eateries for the 2018-19 winter season. Check out expanded hours, specials, and options below.

Start Your Day Right

Hot buffet breakfast is included in all lodging packages at Granlibakken Tahoe. Granlibakken knows how to do breakfast right. From eggs and bacon to fresh fruit and yogurt, there’s something for even the most discriminating diner out there. 

Learn more>>

The Cedar House Pub

The Cedar House Pub is an institution in North Tahoe. The Pub serves up delicious pub food and daily specials in a family-friendly atmosphere. Enjoy an après-ski drink fireside at the expanded bar area, or come in for some warm comfort food after a day in the snow.

The Cedar House Pub is open Thursdays-Sundays, 5-9PM

Get 2-for-1 entrees every Thursday and Sunday!*

*Excluding holiday periods

Learn More>>

Rusty’s Kitchen

Rusty’s Kitchen was formerly called the Ski Hut Snack Bar. As a nod to the man who gave Granlibakken its name, Kjell “Rusty” Rustad, Rusty’s kitchen is located in the historic warming hut. Serving up freshly-made authentic Mexican cuisine and American favorites, Rusty’s Kitchen is a great place to fuel up during the winter months.

Learn more>>

Gran Spot Coffee Cart

The Gran Spot Coffee Cart will be located at the Ski and Sled Hill this year. The coffee cart will be serving up specialty coffee, beer, wine, and light snacks by the fire-pit. 

Learn more>>

There is so much to do this holiday season here at Granlibakken. We hope that you spend your holidays with us, and happy winter!

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Any tips on maintaining healthy eating habits during this time of year?

The holiday’s can be a tricky time for healthy eating habits. Everywhere you look there is something sweet to eat whether it’s office treats or parties and festivities.  To maintain a healthier status, let’s start our day right and hydrate. Before we do or consume anything, try a glass of room temperature water with a slice of lemon, mint, cucumber or basil. Water is essential for our vitality, both daily and long term. Water maintains cell to cell communication and is required for all cellular function. Adding lemon, mint, cucumber or basil brings electrolytes to water allowing chemical properties for the water to penetrate cells and carry out its cellular function. Continue to drink water throughout the day, in between and with meals.

Another tip includes carrying snacks with you – cheese, nuts, protein bars, fruit, salami slices, vegetables & dip, dried fruit, vegetable crackers, jerky. Eat your snacks about 2-3 hours after your meal. Snacking allows for steady blood sugar levels. It is when we allow our blood sugar to fluctuate, either high or low, that we lose our ability to make a focused decision. Keeping steady blood sugar levels will help us ward off impulsive food decisions which typically spike blood sugar levels.

Lastly, don’t forget the power of moderation, food awareness and discipline. Eat only one treat, not the whole display or box/bag. Say no only to relish in a yes the next time. When it’s time to relish, take a breath before consuming, say thank you to whoever brought or bought it.  Say thank you to yourself for allowing the moment and granting the permission. Do not feel guilty. Eat shamelessly and bright, because you occasionally deserve a delight – you are awesome!

Answered by Shawna Lee West, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Granlibakken wellness event program designer. To connect with Shawna, click here.

Learn more about the Sierra Soul Connections: Ask a Wellness Expert program here.

What are some simple steps to calm a racing mind? How can one stay focused when there are a million thoughts running through the mind?

Your nervous system can be regulated through controlling your breath. Take deep, slow breaths – count slowly as you breathe evenly in and out to 4-8 counts, lengthening your exhale longer than your inhale when you feel especially stressed. Place your hand on your belly, feel the breath. Create a simple affirmation that calms you, for example: I am calm, I am at ease.  It’s important to make your affirmation in present tense and to speak it as if you know it and believe it. Also, try to do things that ground you whether that is art, writing, gardening, taking walks. You want to literally stop and smell the roses sometimes – your senses are your best friend.

Answered by Ashley Cooper, licensed yoga instructor, nature lover and creative writer. To connect with Ashley, click here.

Learn more about the Sierra Soul Connections: Ask a Wellness Expert program here.

Question: What are some good yoga poses for lower back aches?

Child’s Pose is great- letting your hips remain heavy towards your heels as you stay center, walk your hands right and left alternatively; Goddess with your hands on either leg and dipping one shoulder at a time to look over the opposite shoulder and press against your leg as you gently twist. Cat-Cow, anything that brings gentle, curvy movements into your spine in every direction. Simply forward folding with your knees bent deeply and your back curving, swinging gently from side to side. A lot of times, your back is sore because your hamstrings are tight. Try stretching the backs of your legs and hips, coming into a deep yogi squat will feel good and if your heels don’t touch the ground, put a rolled up towel under your heels or a block under your bum.

Learn more about the Sierra Soul Connections: Ask a Wellness Expert program here.

Question: What can I do to stay positive during the holidays? The Holidays for me is not a happy time of year and I have fallen victim to depression during this time of year. Any tips to stay positive.

Most people are hopeful that the Holiday Season will be merry and bright. However, as the end of the year approaches, it is common for conflicting emotions to arise for many people. The seasonal focus on cheerful celebration and togetherness can be a trigger for people who don’t feel cheerful or feel like celebrating, especially for those who are lonely and isolated. A byproduct of our consumeristic holiday season is the overwhelming sense people experience of not having enough: enough money to buy the gifts they want to give, enough friends with whom celebrate, or enough time to slow down and enjoy the season. At this time of the year, people are easily frazzled and overwhelmed. Being frazzled and overwhelmed are unpleasant feelings for everyone.

During the holiday season, despite the emphasis on goodwill and cheer, people tend to focus on the negatives they perceive in their world. It is easy for people to become self-critical, and to feel emotionally depleted. Their inner dialogue often turns from commenting on the magic of the season to focusing on what they think is missing from their lives. This leads to the reinforcement of dark feeling of unhappiness and loneliness.  These sad feelings are easily reinforced by pictures they see posted online, where people look festive and happy and are celebrating together.  People feel left out, and then dwell on not feeling included. This leads to ruminating about how they don’t feel happy or want to celebrate anything. This cycle, no matter the time of year, is depressing.

If you are struggling, try to remind yourself, that some of the most meaningful magic of the holidays is best expressed through giving to others. The holidays are often more enjoyable and feel better, when people give thanks, and focus on other people. When the focus is on other people, everyone benefits.  The statement that it is better to give than to receive can be a motto for getting through the Holidays.  No matter what people have to give, everyone can share the gift of grace, grace to themselves, and grace to others.

The concept of giving grace can be described as being willing to show up authentically, with an open heart and an open mind, and to be present to what is experienced at the moment.

The idea of giving grace is to better people’s’ lives.  Focus on bettering the lives of everyone you meet, including your own life. This can be done through giving material items, by sharing your time with people, or by being patient when people are rushing, by offering a smile to a stranger, by sharing a compliment, or through the simple act of noticing another person and offering recognition of their existence. By focusing on how to better other people’s’ lives, you might experience the holiday season in a different and more meaningful way, and you might enjoy the holiday season more than you expected.

The gift of grace is kindness, both in inward and outward expression.

Answered by Amy Vail, Psy.D, a practicing psychologist in the North Lake Tahoe area. To connect with Dr. Vail, please click here.

Learn more about the Sierra Soul Connections: Ask a Wellness Expert program here.

Let us do the work this holiday season.

Family-Friendly Holiday Festivities 


Make your Thanksgiving dinner memorable at Granlibakken Tahoe. Our holiday feast includes a turkey carved table-side for each family or group, all of the sides you could desire, and of course dessert. Our award-winning kitchen staff will take care of the work so that you can enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with loved ones.

Learn more>>


Celebrate a special Christmas at Granlibakken Tahoe.

The Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade is free and open to the public. Ski or board down the slopes with your very own torch after closing to commemorate Granlibakken’s Olympic history.

On Christmas Day, enjoy a buffet dinner prepared by Granlibakken’s award-winning kitchen staff. Dinner includes a carving station, full bar, and a gingerbread house competition. 

Learn more>>

New Year’s Eve

Ring in 2019 Tahoe-style. Granlibakken’s family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration is fun for all ages. A buffet dinner is followed by dancing and a full bar, with a balloon-drop and champagne toast at midnight. Kids will love the photo booth, crafting area, and the movie night set up near the ballroom. 
Learn more>>

Hosting a Holiday Party?

We’ve got you covered.

Our experienced events staff, award-winning catering, and convenient location will have your group talking about your holiday party at Granlibakken for years to come. 

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Dr. Mike Dow
Dr. Mike Dow

In their new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think, Act & Be Happy, psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow and Amy Newmark (of Chicken Soup for the Soul series) write about how through changing the way you think, you can take charge of your life. Through a combination of personal stories, clear explanations, and guided journaling exercises, the authors help you tap into your brain to change the way you think and act. In this excerpt, Dr. Dow focuses on a common problem; how to lose weight and keep it off. Learn tips for changing your mindset and steps you can take to achieve the weight loss results you want.

Dr. Mike Dow will be delivering his keynote speech, “Heal Your Drained Brain” at Wellness Weekend, November 9-11, 2018. See the full schedule here. 

Do you know where your hungry feelings are coming from?

I don’t know about you, but if you’re like most of us—your emotions sometimes affect the way you eat… Culturally, so many of us have learned to use food to celebrate life’s highs (e.g., wedding cake) as well as life’s lows (e.g., ice cream on the couch after a bad day). Has this ever been true for you?

One helpful exercise is to stop and ask yourself if your hunger is “above the neck” or “below the neck” hunger. Hunger that is “above the neck” is coming from your brain or your emotional state. You may have just eaten a large meal an hour ago. Yet, sadness, disappointment, or boredom leads you to the kitchen. This kind of hunger tends to come on suddenly.

On the other hand, “below the neck” hunger originates in your stomach. It tends to come on more slowly and builds hours after your last meal….

Use this as a tool to stop for a moment the next time you get the urge to eat. Ask yourself: Where is my hunger coming from? By doing so, you are training your brain.

If it’s emotional/above the neck hunger, then choose an activity that will help you resolve this feeling. After all, a pizza doesn’t solve the problem of loneliness. See who is free tonight for a nice healthy dinner so you can connect with your friends. It’s a more direct way of dealing with what ails you (e.g., connection as the antidote to loneliness) as opposed to self-medicating with something that is probably going to lead to more negative feelings (e.g., eating a whole pizza which leads to guilt… and still leaves you feeling lonely)…..

How to change your mindset to get results

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Focusing on success is the opposite of obsessing about tiny failures. In fact, a pitfall thought pattern common in people struggling with their weight and food issues is polarization. Remember, this is a type of binary, black-or-white way of seeing the world and your choices as they’re related to your eating patterns…..

People who use polarized thinking …tend to think: if I’m not a complete success, I’m a complete failure or if today’s meal isn’t absolutely perfect, then it’s a complete disaster. Have you ever had a thought pattern that was so rigid and perfectionistic that it blocked all the success and positivity you had created?

People who use polarized thinking tend to throw the baby out with the bath water. Of course, this pitfall thought pattern can make you feel bad about yourself. It can spiral into a bad mood, leading you to cancel your plans, sit on the couch, and eat a pint of ice cream while binge watching TV. The whole day is ruined because of that one cookie you ate.

But what if you could prevent polarized thinking from robbing you of all your success? Instead of that one cookie ruining your whole day, you consider your day through a balanced, gray-area lens.

If you had a healthy breakfast, lunch, and then one piece of candy, you still had far more healthy foods. Of course, this often helps us to feel better about ourselves. You’d probably leave work feeling energized, go to the gym, and have dinner with your friends. Oh, and you’d probably have a nice healthy dinner, too! You’d get right back up on that horse without beating yourself up. Imagine what this sort of energy could do for you in your daily life.

Isn’t it so nice that this gray-area type of thinking actually puts more emphasis on what we do right instead of obsessing over what we do wrong? Now, it’s time to train your brain by looking at where this pitfall thought pattern may be showing up in your life. By doing so, you’ll find your own new way of thinking. Write in a journal the answers to the following:

What’s one area of my life where polarized thinking shows up?

If I were to let polarized thinking go, how would my life improve?

What’s a better, more balanced, and gray-area way to think about my life?

Take Baby Steps

Baby steps [are] a powerful behavioral strategy when it comes to overcoming being overweight. This strategy prevents us from becoming anxious or overwhelmed when it feels like we have a mountain to climb….

The solution:  take that mountain and break it up into small mounds. And then climb just one of those small mounds today. Take a lofty weight loss goal—or any other important goal you may have for yourself in your life—and break it into a SMART goal.

A SMART goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive. “I need to lose 150 pounds” becomes “I am going to lose two pounds or more per month for the next twelve months.” This SMART goal may also help you incorporate something else that helps keep people on track: accountability.

For most people, weighing yourself about once a week or so can be a helpful strategy. If there is a week where you “fall off the wagon” and gain a few pounds, then you can simply pick yourself up the following week. Remember: weight loss isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Consider a fitness or weight loss goal that you have for yourself. Write it on the lines below. It should be something you can measure. It could be body fat, your weight, or your time running a quarter mile. Also, how long are you going to give yourself to achieve this goal? What you can measure, you can change.

Excerpted with permission from Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think, Act & Be Happy: How To Use Chicken Soup For the Soul Stories to Train Your Brain To Be Your Own Therapist, available on Amazon here.

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